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[well since there's no one here to stop him, guess he'll just take an orange marker to the sign on the bus.

Any instances of "Rin" now have a blocky T and O tacked on to the end

and he adds an addendum to the bottom:

"Fake Kagamine have to pay me 10 oranges to be allowed into the Dressing Room."]
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My, my, what a strange place~

[She's not actually seen stranger, not even in her own created world of the Stage. She'll twirl in place, taking in the buildings. not the kind she's used to at all. Ho hum, what a strange predicament. Oh, well, she supposes she can play with the people here for a time. Anything is better than passing on, honestly. And that Mastermind may have accepted her fate and role in life, but that doesn't mean she won't stick around someplace new to have a little fun.]

Hum. I wonder what the people here are like? Are they good actors~? Do they play their roles~?

[She'll laugh, stopping to stare up at the sky. Ah... she hadn't seen the real sky in so long... How many cycles had she gone through, searching for the accepted ending?]

...Let's find out, shall we?
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[ Well it's not every day you wake up out of your usual basement confinement when you are Lilith Venomania.

It is especially confusing because not only is it now winter when she clearly recalls it being the opposite (and boy is she cold; the fact it HAD been summer was making her miserable existence at least a bit warmer in that hellish place), but she's also pretty sure none of this architexture makes any sense.

Her first instinct is to check her hair and make sure it's covering that thing, and then the very frazzled girl dressed in rags and a ratty cloak pauses to force herself to stand. She's in the middle of a road. None of this is familiar to her. She nearly gets herself run over moving out of the way and ends up falling on her behind on a sidewalk, terrified of whatever creature (horseless carriage?) just went past her.

This is not a good start to anyone's day, much like this particular girl's. She probably bears quite a resemblance to a Gakuko of a sort, but it's minor--her hair isn't too similar, it's much too long, too poorly taken care of, and if anything she has to be a normal human. Too sickly and scrawny to really be much else. She can't be much older then fifteen or so. Underneath her cloak is stitched together clothing; old servant's rags clung to and reused. She bears bruises in a few spots on her hands and some cuts as well, perhaps even a few scars and bandages, but fortunately for the most part it's covered up by her cloak, where she can hide her hands. ]

T-this can't be right... am I going to die? Am I asleep?

[ Even her voice is meek, stuttery. Poor thing probably needs some help up, too, because she's just staring like a deer in headlights. ]
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['Sup, DR? It's been a while since we've seen someone new, huh? Do we even have a bus anymore? That thing just keeps fixing itself. Somehow]

[Like it will be in 3.8 seconds. A gorgeous white train with splashes of electric blue rolls into the DR. Tracks appear before it, the railway behind it fading away]

[Actually, make that BLASTING into the DR, steam whirling behind it as it heads straight for--!]


[the bus flips into the air like a Team Rocket character punched into the sky. A Len in a conductor's cap hops out of the front cab. He gingerly stares at the front of the train and adjusts the bass guitar slung on his back]

Ahhhh~ Who put that thing in the way of my train?

[the bus CRASHES to the ground with a squeal of metal. Well, guys? Is anyone gonna make this guy pay for the damages?]

Sep. 1st, 2014 10:23 pm
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 [  Summer on Earth is far different from where he's from. The temperature is much cooler and the beating sun is further away. He's accustomed  to higher temperatures. But like any other being, he has to adapt to things on a newer planet.
  Where he stands on the planet, it's very calm and relaxing compared to a battlefield or loud factories with endless noise. People have such a different fashion. His outfit is more complex and military-like, he is in charge of an army after all!
  Though... Where he is, this is more of a mystery place. If anyone were to inform him of a 'dressing room,' he wouldn't acknowledge something he doesn't entirely know of.] 
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[Been a cold winter, hasn't it? But it's March already, things should be warming up soon, right?


March is the perfect time for some more snowfall. If you aren't too bummed out from the continuing cold to venture outside, you might find a surprise. When you step in the snow, color seeps out from your feet. Green, blue, yellow, whatever color you might expect to be associated with you--it's even tinted a little differently from other Rins or Gakupos or what have you. Its your own personal color.

Beautiful, isn't it? You could leave little tracks all over town, throw some personalized snowballs, maybe get some friends together and make a rainbow snowman. It'd be a shame to waste such an interesting happening. Go nuts!

If you care to notice, though, there's an oddly washed out Luka roaming around who doesn't seem to be tracking any color at all. She doesn't engage anyone directly, only stopping a few moments to observe the colors left behind and moving on.

Is she looking for something...?
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[After an eventful start in the DR, Milena had settled in nicely. The entrance to the place had allowed her to work some things out with her boyfriend, Gabriel, and now they're doing fine. Or... Something close to fine, really, given. She'd been working as a delivery girl, what with her speed and stamina able to keep her going. But today, she's out shopping. Miscellaneous groceries, some new shoes...]

...Maybe I can talk him into a picnic later...
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[It's winter and all about holidays in the streets. There are many people roaming around, including this little robot, who does plenty of snowman all by herself. Only one snowman, which doesn't look like a snowman at all, she tries something new. Something she never did before.]

Put it here... And there... Making wings is so hard!

[Her focus now is making the snowman's wings. Pretty much ignoring people congratulate her 'Happy Birthday' because she's enjoying the snow season.]
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[It's a little chilly, isn't it, Dressing Room? You should be like this girl, snuggled up in her scarf and mittens.

Although, what exactly is she doing out in such an open space, sitting in her pot?

...With a box of ornaments next to her. Ah.

At the moment she's trying to get a string of lights around herself in something less like a jumbled mess. But this is quite difficult to do when one of your hands is a giant flower.

Help her out?
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[It had been a few weeks since her arrival and Demetria Venomania is doing much better. Although she still must seem like a frail young woman, she seems to be slightly healthier--and not nearly as distressed. Her wardrobe has also been updated, although she still wears dresses. She's on a walk today, for fresh air. Really, though, she's seeking flowers, and perhaps a cookbook, so she can maybe teach herself and bring something home to brighten up the apartment she shares with the alternate version of her father.]

What a lovely day it is today. I'm so glad I decided to step out...
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[those of you who have been in the dressing room for a while might remember that one of the Kaitos seems to have a different birthday from the rest of them, and that his celebrations tend to involve lots of free ice-cream in the park.

this year is no exception; a few folding tables have been set up and covered with little tubs of hand-made ice-cream in varying flavors. however, one thing has changed; the birthday boy himself is puttering around instead of hiding from any who might approach. currently he's managing another new addition: a large tower of cupcakes. which is currently threatening to slide out of his grasp and to the ground instead of onto the table where he wants them.

...maybe he could use a hand...

((OOC: mingle post! also, those aren't just any cupcakes... feel free to come up with additional effects they could have, or skip the RNG if a particular one looks fun to play out!))
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[The city itself isn't a problem. However, he can tell by looking it over at a glance... Ah, how unfortunate, he couldn't even begin to continue his many projects here. The magitech isn't present. How sad. these heathens obviously don't know what they're missing. Ignorance is bliss, he supposes. What they don't know, they can't realize they'd miss.

Still, this complicates things. He's used to certain things working differently because of the magic involved. Life is... Easier. but, oh well, he'll have to get used to it. For now, Seth Twiright is going to seek out a new place to erect a laboratory... And, perhaps, some new potential subjects.]

How complicated... Now I have to start all over...
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[ Sometimes you're disoriented to be in a foreign place. And it's not odd to see a certain purple-haired sort on his own; it seems that Gakupo himself, or versions of him, aren't too uncommon.

But they're usually NOT accompanied by a blue-haired man very much resembling Kaito. Indeed, these two wandered in so very cordially that it was like they'd always been here. Seems it's not TOO hard to notice, either. Though to anyone with supernatural senses, they may feel a bit strange... especially Garrick over here. The man next to the extravagantly-dressed playboy, however, is obviously a priest. Perhaps of a Christian nature, given the large gold cross he wears. ]

... Oh, dear, Father. Where HAVE we found ourselves? My my, we'll have to ask around and see if we can't find some help...

[ Such a strange place! Yet so fascinating... this architecture isn't vampire, from either clan he recognizes. Hmhmhm... time to set up anew, perhaps? This will prove most unfortunate. And Garrick, being how he is, will be approaching the first person he finds, a cordial smile on his face, possibly flirtatious in nature. ]

[ ooc: Replies will come from Kaden ([personal profile] lovelyrose) or Garrick ([personal profile] lustfulrose) ENJOY YOUR TWO DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF VAMPIRE, DR. For the record, Kaden will be much harder to sense than Garrick, though. ]

Waking Up

Oct. 14th, 2013 01:28 pm
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Woah..where am I? *Len looked around the room,and slowly got up from the place he was sleeping..the sidewalk? 'Oh man...what happened last night? I can't remember a thing..!' He gained his balance,going to sit on a bench.* Well..this sucks. I don't see anyone anywhere! Is this place really that empty--..that bus is huge! *Len caught sight of a gigantic,colourful tour bus.He ran twords it,opening the doors.* Whoa..this place is filled with garbage! *'Oh well,the seats look comfy,though.' He sat on some of the seats,watching the empty world outside of the bus.*
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[This isn't... This isn't her room. This isn't the mansion. This isn't even near her home or Lasaland. She's... Not sure what's going on. But here is a young woman, dressed in a Victorian noblewoman's clothing. And she will seem so lost, looking about her. This... Is a joke, right? A bad dream? She's at home in bed. These buildings are foreign. So very... Foreign...]

I do believe this isn't Asmodean... Oh, dear... Whatever shall I do...?

[She's ill. She can't be outside the manor unsupervised. This is... Obviously not that. So Demetria Venomania will begin to wander.]

Father must be around here. I-I've sleep-walked on him...

[[OOC: Meet Demetria Venomania, an OC from a Venomania AU where Kachess failed and so he continue on with his harem. Tria is the product of Venomania and Gumina. She is also a color swap of Luka Megurina, and shares her voice, albeit tuned to sound more like a sixteen-year-old.]]
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It is fall, one of the seasons the blond boy loathes. His hands and feet are cold as ice like the rest of his anatomy. It's dark out like nightfall when it's only seven o'clock in the morning, yet the stars are still out. He looks around his bedroom that has widened.

It's too cold out to go for a walk. I only have a scarf and a thin jacket.

The short blond shakes his roommate, Jersey, in attempt to wake him up. Nothing. He's a heavy sleeper, only hoping he wakes up soon. When he leaves the bedroom into the hallway, the lights don't flicker on and he feels as though he's sinking into complete darkness. He could hear bugs crawling on the walls and ceiling, but that doesn't scare him (he's like a little kid who loves bugs).

He's worried with how differently his house has shaped into, this isn't exactly the same place he owns. It was similar in both exterior and interior. With how big it has gotten in the inside, he believes he'll get lost, he isn't able to find a flashlight. Punkish blindly searches for the door, putting on his jacket and scarf and into the once beautiful garden.

Trees he's never planted decorate the dead-like acres of land. And... Is that blood dripping from the branches? Lost appetite.

He wants to puke, that's his (second) worst fear of them all (first being bloodied, ruined corpses or people). He hates the site of blood, the smell of blood, and usually the taste of blood. He covers his sea blue eyes, running out the yard and into the streets. He wants to scream and have his roommate be near him, but that Jersey is probably not awake.

He uncovers his eyes, looking from left to right. People venturing out like this is something common, or they've quickly adapted to it.

And the cold air bites at his skin.
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[There seems to be a new castle on the outskirts of town, and while the rumor is that a witch lives there everything seems surprisingly... bright and chipper. The crows perched in nearby treas are pink and the cat sleeping in one of the front windows bears a multitude of colorful stripes in its fur.

Anybody brave enough to knock on the double doors will be greeted by a smiling Rin in her cute and fashionable ensemble. Need a cure for a broken heart? A potion to shed some unwanted pounds? Whatever your problem, there's a good chance she can solve it.]
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[When you wake up this morning, it is still dark out. At first you question the time, but all your clocks tell you that the sun should be up. Perhaps it's simply overcast? But when you look out your window, you find that this is not the case.
Instead, it would appear that entire Dressing Room has been transformed while you were sleeping. There is no longer a sun, only a starch white, lonely, full moon that is occasionally covered by storm clouds that rumble and light up with barely contained electricity every now and again. Meanwhile the buildings, while remaining the same on the inside, all look gothic in architecture and dark in color; though almost all of them have brightly glowing jack-o-lanters outside them, wearing sinister grins. In fact, all the buildings seem to have Halloween decorations outside of them. Skeletons, graves, and giant spiders now litter the city...all of which turn out to be far less fake than they seemed when you were peering out your window, once you at last wander outside to satisfy your growing curiosity.
Venturing out you can now see the impossibly sized arachnids moving about their gigantic webs that stretch across entire alleyways, their hundreds of eyes gleaming as they watch you hungrily. You now notice that the pumpkins that appeared harmless change not only the color of the lights glowing within them, but their expressions as well...and the skeletons. You are almost certain that you have noticed the skeletons moving out of the corner of your eyes, and thus you try to always look directly at them as you pass.
But the scenery isn't all that's taken an ominous turn. The once cheerful sound of the birds has been replaced with the sporadic calls of crows and vultures, along with the distant shrieks and howls from creatures unknown. You begin to question your decision to head out into this new, more menacing dressing room, and attempt to head home; but you're lost. Somehow, you've gotten turned around; and now you feel as if there are many eyes upon you.

You keep going.

Surely, home must be around here somewhere. Surely.

But instead of the comforting embrace of home, your path only leads you down darker and darker roads. Roads where actual bodies hang from the dead and gnarled tree branches. Roads filled with the horrid smell of decaying flesh, where random blood stains and unclaimed body parts litter the sidewalk. You start to run, you must get out of here. You must find somewhere safe.
Then, in the distance, on the top of a hill, you spot it. A black castle, surrounded by a graveyard. The lights are on inside. Do you go up to the doors? Do you seek help?

Or, do you think yourself safer out here? It's up to you, friends.
It's up to you.

((OOC: In which the mun has been listening to too much Nightvale. BUT YES, this is in fact a mingle so that anyone with creepy muses can torture people. Night wouldn't want to hog all the fun, after all~

Oh, and if anyone wants their muses to randomly go axe murderer or something that's welcome as well. A perfectly reasonable occurrence considering there are nightmares running amok. Have fun ♥ ))
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Maybe this was a bad idea to go out when people fill the streets. I don't want to bump into anyone, I don't want to get into another fight. Maybe today will be a nice day. Shit, I nearly bumped into that girl. There's a whole bunch of kids running around...
I pray I see a friend at least!
I sorta miss Project DIVA, that's where I met a whole lot of people. It was easy to make friends there. BUT THIS IS THE STREETS!

He pants, wiping the sweat off his forehead, he had walked into a whole new city. He kept his distance from people, loathing the idea of some unexpected event to happen.

[He is familiar with everyone from PD 2nd and Extend.]


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